Modernpick has been established by top members of the gaming industry with one clear and simple mission: To create a publishing company that concentrates on providing racing fans a platform that delivers exceptional games while holding the community these games develop as the priority and central focus. We build, listen and adapt according to our gamers.

What it means to be “the Modernpick”

Being “the Modernpick” means being part of team that is striving continuously to build a fair ecosystem by our community and partners. Pursue excellence and grow at a place that raises the bar of racing games and sports.

Meet the driving force

Our team


Modernpick CEO

Driven by his vision, Sebastian founded in early 2000s the first 100% dedicated esports company, pioneering the industry in Spain. In 2006 he franchised and launched the ESL Brand in Spain and five years later successfully executed a JV, co-founding the Spanish subsidiary of Turtle Entertainment GmbH, the German company owning ESL.

From his privileged position as one of the leading management profiles for the largest esports company globally, Sebastian strategized and executed as CEO the ESL expansión to Latinamerica and lead the business turn-around in Asia.

As Director of Global Strategy and Special Projects for ESL Global, he contributed to the company vision strategic planning and framework, while innovating across different areas – such as national/regional/global IPs, international business, global sales or human capital and talent management.

Sebastian is a mandatory reference in global esports landscape and has been one of the visible heads of ESL world-wide for the last 15 years, among other positions - as President of the Advisory Board in Spain, Portugal and Latinamerica. Nowadays, ESL still is the largest league operator and content provider in the world.

In 2018, Sebastian has been featured as one of the top 25 “Leaders of the Innovation in Spain”, across multiple industries including among others medicine, pharmaceutics, banking, education and lifestyle, published under the collection “Personality of ..”, vol XII.



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